According to the Hebrew Bible, the Tabernacle (Hebrew: מִשְׁכַּן ‎, mishkān, meaning residence or dwelling place), also known as the Tent of the Congregation (אֹ֣הֶל מוֹעֵד֩ 'ōhel mō'êḏ, also Tent of Meeting, etc.), was the portable earthly dwelling place of Yahweh (the God of Israel) used by the Israelites from the Exodus until the conquest of Canaan Definition of tabernacle. (Entry 1 of 2) 1 : a house of worship specifically : a large building or tent used for evangelistic services. 2 : a receptacle for the consecrated elements of the Eucharist especially : an ornamental locked box used for reserving the Communion hosts Tabernacle, Hebrew Mishkan, (dwelling), in Jewish history, the portable sanctuary constructed by Moses as a place of worship for the Hebrew tribes during the period of wandering that preceded their arrival in the Promised Land. The Tabernacle no longer served a purpose after the erection of Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem in 950 bc tab·er·na·cle. (tăb′ər-năk′əl) n. 1. often Tabernacle Bible The portable sanctuary in which the Jews housed the Ark of the Covenant during their years in the desert. 2. often Tabernacle A case or box on a church altar containing the consecrated host and wine of the Eucharist. 3

Tabernacle. A house or dwelling-place ( Job 5:24; 18:6, etc.). A portable shrine (Compare Acts 19:24) containing the image of Moloch ( Amos 5:26; marg. and RSV, Siccuth). The human body ( 2 Corinthians 5:1 2 Corinthians 5:4); a tent, as opposed to a permanent dwelling tabernacle definition: 1. a place of worship for some groups of Christians 2. For the Jews in ancient times, a tabernacle. Learn more

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Any portable shrine used in heathen or idolatrous worship. A sukkah, the booth or 'tabernacle' used during the Jewish Feast of Sukkot. A small ornamented cupboard or box used for the reserved sacrament of the Eucharist, normally located in an especially prominent place in a Roman Catholic church. quotations The tabernacle in the wilderness was a portable place of worship God commanded the Israelites to build after he rescued them from slavery in Egypt. It was used from a year after they crossed the Red Sea until King Solomon built the first temple in Jerusalem, a period of 400 years The Tabernacle is een huis van gebed wat te vinden is midden in het Wallen gebied van Amsterdam. De visie is om gericht te zijn op God en om wereldwijde zending te ondersteunen door voorbede, aanbidding en andere creatieve uitdrukkingen samen met mensen uit allerlei landen

Public services are continuing at the Tabernacle. We recommend over 70s and vulnerable people follow services online; please see link for arrangements and precautions. New visitors wishing to attend should phone (020 7735 7076) or email (info@metropolitantabernacle.org) and ask for a ticket. Services will also be streamed online Tabernacle definition, any place or house of worship, especially one designed for a large congregation. See more This is a Virtual Reality tour of the Biblical Tabernacle.It was an incredibly valuable structure. In today's currency it would probably be worth over $100,.. At Timna Park, 20 miles (32 km) north of Eilat in the Arabah, a life-size replica of the biblical tabernacle has been constructed. While no original materials (e.g., gold, silver, bronze) have been used, the model is accurate in every other way based upon the biblical description

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The Branham Tabernacle PO Box 325 Jeffersonville, IN, 47131 c/o Billy Paul Branham. Our prayers are certainly with all our brothers and sisters around the world as this virus persists. For donations to Voice of God Recordings, please continue to use: Voice of God Recordings PO Box 950 Jeffersonville, IN 47131. Show More. History Online vertaalwoordenboek. NL:tabernacle. Mijnwoordenboek.nl is een onafhankelijk privé-initiatief, gestart in 2004 A tabernacle is a fixed, locked box in which, in some Christian churches, the Eucharist is reserved (stored). A less obvious container for the same purpose, set into a wall, is called an aumbry . Within Catholicism , Eastern Orthodoxy and in some congregations of Anglicanism and Lutheranism , a tabernacle is a box-like vessel for the exclusive reservation of the consecrated Eucharist Ever wonder what the Tabernacle of Moses might have looked like? Experience it like never before with this incredible 3D model.Sign up for email notification..

The tabernacle (mishkan), first mentioned in the Torah in Exodus 25, was the portable sanctuary that the Israelites carried with them in the wilderness.Mishkan comes from the Hebrew root meaning to dwell; the tabernacle was considered to be the earthly dwelling place of God Tabernacle Tourism: Tripadvisor has 210 reviews of Tabernacle Hotels, Attractions, and Restaurants making it your best Tabernacle resource

Lighthouse Tabernacle was established in 1950 by Brother William and Sister Denzil Totman in Broad Ripple, IN before moving to the current Carmel location. The church started in a round, theater style building that grew the congregation to hundreds of people De Metropolitan Tabernacle is een kerkgebouw in het zuiden van Londen, vlak bij het metrostation Elephant and Castle.De geschiedenis van de kerk gaat terug naar 1688.Met de overkomst van de 20-jarige predikant Charles Spurgeon in 1854 treedt een periode van groei aan. De kerk wordt al snel te klein en op 18 maart 1861 wordt de Metropolitan Tabernacle geopend Attractions near The Tabernacle: (0.03 mi) SKYVIEW Atlanta (0.11 mi) ATL-Cruzers Electric Car & Segway Tours (0.05 mi) Atlanta Street Car (0.24 mi) Atlanta Magic Theater (0.22 mi) Escape The Room Atlanta; View all attractions near The Tabernacle on Tripadvisor

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  1. Directed by Colm O'Murchu. With David Hov, Mikaela Franco, Elly Hiraani Clapin, Alex McTavish. It is about two Atheists who run a video blog debunking Psychics, Mediums and religious beliefs. However, a death experiment goes totally wrong and as a result they attract evil entities that stalk and haunt them
  2. The Tabernacle Choir has sung its way into the hearts of audiences everywhere with classical, religious, Broadway, patriotic, and folk music. Dubbed America's Choir, this 360-member chorus and the 110-member Orchestra at Temple Square, all unpaid volunteers, present a weekly broadcast of Music & the Spoken Word, top Billboard® charts with their recordings, share their stage with iconic.
  3. Tabernacle Lyrics: Yeah / I wanna share some shit with y'all / All truth, all truth / Uh, like I'm standing inside a Tabernacle / I promised not to lie in not one of these verses / I started out as
  4. This 360-member chorus of men and women, all volunteers, has performed at World's Fairs and expositions, at inaugurations of U.S. presidents, in acclaimed concert halls from Australia and Europe to Asia and the Middle East
  5. Another word for tabernacle. Find more ways to say tabernacle, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus
  6. Although the tabernacle was heavy and had many parts, it was surprisingly portable. Priests carried the Ark and the altars on their shoulders, but the rest fit in ox-drawn carts. The purpose of the tabernacle of Moses was to provide a place where the people could properly worship God. Priests sacrificed animals on the altar in the outer court
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