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Putting together a daily meal plan for the John Muir Trail was one of the greater challenges for me in my preparation for the trail. In this guide, I will break down my daily and total food planning for the JMT. I will also include information on how to resupply while on the trail Most people who hike the entire John Muir Trail resupply at least once to reduce the amount of food and consumables that must be carried. If you carry two pounds of food a day, that would be thirty pounds of food for a 15 day trip I decided to send two resupply packages for my JMT hike. I sent a 2 gallon bucket to Red's Meadow which I planned to reach on day 5, and a five gallon bucket to Muir Trail Ranch (MTR) which I planned to reach on day 8 The John Muir Trail is the premier hiking trail in the United States.The trail starts in America's treasure, Yosemite National Park, and continues 215 miles through the Ansel Adams Wilderness, Sequoia National Park, King's Canyon National Park, and ends at the highest peak in continental United States, Mount Whitney at 14,496 ft The John Muir Trail is just over 220 miles and averages around 300 feet of elevation gain per mile, all at relatively high altitude. For first time backpackers, it's definitely a hard trail. Use your experience to determine what you think you can do and lean towards less miles per day rather than more

Muir Trail Ranch - Muir Trail Ranch (MTR) allows you to send a resupply bucket for $80. Located only .9 miles off of the JMT and pretty much smack-dab halfway along the trail (111 miles from Happy Isles; 110 miles from Whitney Portal), MTR is extremely accessible to thru-hikers Backpacking the John Muir Trail in 2012. More Information. Obviously, this will not be an easy expedition. More than two hundred miles and as many as 22 days and nights on the trail will be extremely difficult, and requires a lot of planning Resupply on the John Muir Trail. How to decide where to resupply on the JMT. What services are offered at Yosemite Valley, Tuolumne Meadows, Red's Meadow, Vermilion Valley Resort (VVR), Muir Trail Ranch (MTR), Mt. Williamson and Kearsarge Pass, and Lone Pine. How to make a resupply plan

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Whether you are hiking the Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, Continental Divide, John Muir Trail, Arizona Trail, or a lesser traveled trail, we can supply you with backpacking food. Planning & Ordering Your Food. There are several methods hikers use for planning food resupply. Either way, it will require that you plan ahead of your hike. 1 Since the Muir Trail Ranch is located at the halfway mark along the John Muir Trail, it's the ideal place for resupplying during your hike. Since the early 1950s, we have been providing the same reliable service to backpackers: Send your Resupply cache and we'll guard it with our lives (well, almost). We know how important it is to have a reliable cache service, so we take extra care A short video about the resupply I sent to Muir Trail Ranch for my John Muir Trail hike. MTR Resupply Info http://www.muirtrailranch.com/resupply.html Genera.. JMT. The John Muir Trail (JMT) is 211 miles long and runs from Yosemite Valley to Mount Whitney. Winding through the famed Sierra Nevada, the JMT visits some of the crown jewels of America's park system: Yosemite, John Muir and Ansel Adams Wildernesses, Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks I still wouldn't resupply at the Muir Trail Ranch because of the ridiculous fee that they charge to hold a box (or in their case, they insist on you sending everything in a 5 gallon bucket). This seems to be the favorite resupply spot for most JMT hikers, probably because it marks the halfway point on the three-week itinerary and there are some hot springs in the area

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Muir Trail Ranch (MTR) This is the last official resupply option along the John Muir Trail. It's also around the half way point on the trail. Depending on your hiking speed/days, many people have this as their last resupply point. And it's less than a mile off trail. This was my first resupply. They charge $85 for a bucket weighing up to 25. The Vermilion Valley Resort offers a Resupply Package Service for hikers traveling the John Muir Trail / Pacific Crest Trail. Packages can be mailed either UPS/Fed-X or U.S. Mail. First Day to pick up a resupply will be May 20th 2021. Last day to pick up a resupply will be October 20, 202

If you plan to hike the John Muir Trail as a continuous hike, you only need one wilderness permit for the entire trip and do not need to obtain a new permit when exiting the trail for less than 24 hours to resupply or when entering a new jurisdiction Resupply Packages for the John Muir Trail. Published by Ray Rippel on June 25, 2013 5 Permalink. Part of thru-hiking the John Muir Trail is arranging resupply. It's possible to hike the JMT fast enough to dispense with that chore (Andrew Skurka hiked the entire trail in seven days, last year), but few do so Read my John Muir Trail Resupply Guide! Step 8: Brush up on Leave No Trace principles. Being responsible stewards of the natural places we love is essential when enjoying your time outdoors. The John Muir Trail is well-known and loved for its pristine wilderness and untouched landscapes

Day 3 on the John Muir Trail and we were starting a long way from where we originally planned to camp.Our unauthorized off-trail camp dubbed The Middle of Somewhere was beautiful and quiet, but we had 3.5 miles to hike just to get to Sunrise High Sierra Camp, where we should've been starting.If you do the math, that means that yesterday's little excursion to Clouds Rest turned today's. John Muir Trail Resupply Options and Plans. John Muir Trail Video on YouTube. Additional Questions? Write them in the comments below. Filed Under: General Thru Hike Planning, JMT Planning & Debrief « PCT Resupply & Town Thoughts - Part 4 (Mile 1020 - 1653

If you are flexible on the start date for your trip, you can submit one online application for a wide range of dates.This is only for John Muir Trail Hikers (exiting Yosemite over Donohue Pass). Over the last several years, Yosemite National Park has noted a significant increase in demand for permits to hike the John Muir Trail (JMT) John Muir made the trail and he made it end on the top of Whitney. So what Al Shaver is realy doing is running the original trail. I also agree that for the spirt of breaking a reacord in the wildernes, that it be done in it's original fashion, not just what it says on a map because there is a road there now and that's where the trailhead starts c/o Muir Trail Ranch Resupply PO Box 176 Lakeshore, CA 93634. 3. Purchase Muir Trail Ranch Resupply Service by following these resupply instructions. You will receive a packing label after your purchase. As of 2020, the fee is $85 if your order is less than or equal to 25 lb Your next step in the process to prepare for the John Muir Trail is to choose your resupply locations. You'll likely be hiking for 2-3 weeks and you do not want to carry all of that food with you, so you'll resupply along the trail. It's common to resupply 3-4 times along the way

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  1. A view from the John Muir Trail of Half Dome, Liberty Cap, and Nevada Fall in Yosemite. Click photo for my e-guide The Best First Backpacking Trip in Yosemite. The Resupply Plan. Given the JMT's remoteness, there are just two convenient opportunities to resupply food along it (in order when hiking southbound)
  2. Backpacking the John Muir Trail in 2012. Day Miles Day Miles Elev Trail Jct or Landmark; Su / 1: 0.0: 0.0: 4035: Happy Isles Trailhea
  3. My new 3rd Edition John Muir Trail Pocket Atlas includes more maps and essential trail data than ever before (packed into an even smaller package.) This new edition includes: Updated topographic maps, data book, elevation profiles, town maps, resupply guide, maildrops and public transit information
  4. The John Muir Trail (JMT) is often recognized as one of the most beautiful trails in the world. The JMT runs along the Sierra Nevada mountain range in California. It is stunning, whether you hike it in its entirety or just a segment. Its 211 miles traverse the high country between Yosemite National Park and Mt. Whitney
  5. If Muir Trail Ranch is your last resupply, your pack WILL be very heavy for a few days after picking it up. The 2-3 days after MTR were brutal on my shoulders and back, I hiked the John Muir Trail in trail running shoes, which I highly recommend (here's why and how)
  6. Listed below are the best resupply points along the Appalachian Trail. With a few exceptions, AT hikers will rarely go more than 50 miles without a resupply option. Mile 31 - Mountain Crossings: A full-service outfitter with full resupply, the trail will run you right into the front door of this first stop along the trail
  7. The John Muir Trail is one of the finest hikes to be found anywhere in the world. It may be a strenuous hike but the scenery is something out of this world and is best enjoyed on foot. The route starts in Cottonwood Pass, out of Lone Pine and continues north after an ascent of the highest point of the lower forty eight states, Mount Whitney, some two hundred miles ending at Tuolumne Meadows

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Muir Trail Ranch: 108 miles, right at the midpoint of the trail, and the last on-trail resupply option for the southern half of the trail. Very small store and no food or bathroom options, unless you're spending the night in a cabin there, but you'll likely want to resupply here anyway since it's your last convenient opportunity The John Muir Trail covers 211 miles through the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range in California. In this guide, I've put together everything you'll need to plan your own hike, including tips on permits, gear, food, training, and logistics

The John Muir Trail runs from Yosemite Valley to the summit of Mt. Whitney. Winding through the famed California Sierra Nevada mountains for 211 miles, it passes through what many backpackers say is the finest mountain scenery in the United States Resupply - Food Drops: The John Muir Trail is the longest stretch of the Pacific Crest trail with no towns or highway crossings, so food drops are a problem, particularly if you are not doing the 20+ miles per day of a PCT thru-hiker

Mar 30, 2019 - A comprehensive how-to guide to planning your John Muir Trail resupply strategy including resupply points, food packing tips, and mileage charts The John Muir Trail is one of the finest hikes in North America. The route starts at Cottonwood Lakes, makes its way up to the high point of the lower forty-eight states, Mount Whitney (4418m), and continues some two hundred miles to Tuolumne in Yosemite National Park John Muir trail: Holy Grail der wandelingen. Nu klinkt de John Muir Trail misschien als een troostprijs, bij het annuleren van de Pacific Crest Trail, maar niets is minder waar. De hoogste bergpas, de meest afgelegen wildernis en de fysiek meest uitdagende beklimmingen van de PCT vind je op de John Muir Trail

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How to hike the 200 mile long John Muir Trail Trail. Complete with an interactive map (PDF download) and a sectional breakdown (length, elevation, highlights). Wildlife, hitchhiking, permits for the five trailheads, navigation with guidebooks and apps, water and food supply, trail towns, elevation sickness, and more All-in-one app for the official John Muir Trail, reviewed and confirmed for accuracy by the National Park Service. Thru-hikers, day hikers, volunteers, friends and family, future hikers, or arm-chair hikers and trail enthusiasts will all find something useful. For Hikers: • Most up-to-date trail and town data crowdsourced by thousands of hikers Most JMT thru-hikers resupply at several points along the trail. To resupply, pack your non-perishable supplies in a box or 5-gallon paint can (no more than 25 lbs), and mail it to yourself using the following addresses. For mailing to a post office: Your Name c/o General Delivery City, State, Zip Code To all other [ For about 160 miles (260 km), the trail follows the same footpath as the longer Pacific Crest Trail. It is named after John Muir, a naturalist. John Muir Trail Highest point Mount Whitney, 14,505 ft (4,421 m) Lowest point Happy Isles trailhead, Yosemite Valley, 4,035 ft (1,230 m) Hiking details Months July to Septembe

My biggest resupply was at Muir Trail Ranch (MTR). They're friendly and very well-organized. The only services available for hikers are the resupply service, trash, water, electricity, and a very small store. The restaurant and bathrooms are for guests only Existing customers may transfer their purchases to the Guthook Guides: Hike & Bike Offline app. Guthook's John Muir Trail Guide is a smartphone guide for your hike on the John Muir Trail. It covers the 210.5 mile John Muir Trail from Happy Isles in Yosemite National Park to the summit of Mt. Whitney Dec 21, 2017 - A comprehensive how-to guide to planning your John Muir Trail resupply strategy including resupply points, food packing tips, and mileage charts Cathedral Peak Best Maps. The most popular maps we saw on the trail in 2006 were Harrison's. Lower resolution versions of those maps are included in John Muir Trail - Elizabeth Wenk, Kathy Morey, 2007 — but we'd rather carry the Map-Pack.. John Muir Trail Map-Pack - Tom Harrison (be sure you get the most recently updated edition); The JMT is surprisingly poorly signed though easy to.

The John Muir Trail (originally called Nüümü Poyo by the Paiute tribe, who originally resided in the area and established a trade network upon which the JMT is built) is a 211-mile trek through the heart of the Sierra Nevada mountain range in California, traversing three national parks and exceeding altitudes of 14,000 feet.Hikers follow creeks, climb up and over passes more than two miles. John Muir Trail Planning & Photos. America's most scenic trail, 211 miles from Yosemite National Park to Mount Whitney. Keep close to Nature's heart and break clear away, once in a while, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods.Wash your spirit clean The John Muir Trail (JMT), which traces a 210.4 mile path along the jagged spine of the Sierra, is one of the premier trails in the U.S. It's only a fraction of the length of the 2,663 foot Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), with which it shares much of its length, but is one of the tougher sections of that iconic trail The John Muir Trail (JMT) (Paiute: Nüümü Poyo, N-ue-mue Poh-yo) is a long-distance trail in the Sierra Nevada mountain range of California, passing through Yosemite, Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks. From the northern terminus at Happy Isles in Yosemite Valley) and the southern terminus located on the summit of Mount Whitney), the Trail's length is 213.7 miles (343.9 km), with a. John Muir Trail December 22, 2015 December 22, 2015 JMT II, John Muir Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, PCT, PCT Trailjournal Leave a comment Glen Pass JMT JMT '15 Kearsarge Pass PCT. We do a quick resupply in the tiny store and then head on towards Lyell Canyon

Destinations and Trails, Eastern Sierra Mountains, John Muir Trail, Thru-Hiking, Yosemite National Park In August I section hiked the John Muir Trail. I intended on doing the full thru-hike, but I got injured on day 3 so instead, I exited at Agnew Meadow in Mammoth JMT Food and Resupply Guide [2020/2021] As I began planning my JMT food and resupply options, I was immediately overwhelmed with a myriad of questions. Getting your body into prime shape before hiking the John Muir Trail is absolutely critical to the success of your thru hike The big picture. Single elevation profile of your favorite trail. Journal Tools Search for a journal, create a journal, add/edit an entry, configure your journal, EMail updates, integrated Google trail map, PLB locations and more. Wall Maps Print out your favorite trail to 6 feet high. Elevation chart and resupply locations. Postholer Foru The John Muir Trail is 211 miles starting from Yosemite Valley and ending on the summit of Mt. Whitney traveling through the Sierra. There are many ways to hike this trail whether south bound, north bound, section hiking, entering or exiting on different points, your daily distance or what else have you Unified Trail The John Muir and Pacific Crest Trails share the same route from Tuolumne Meadows South to Thousand Island Lake. 3 Routes There are three routes South from 1000 Island Lake back to Civilization, and resupply at Reds and/or Mammoth Lakes. These are the JMT, the PCT and the River Trail

The John Muir Trail is one of the finest wilderness hikes to be found anywhere in the world and the trip of a lifetime. Our route starts near, and then climbs, Mount Whitney - the high point of the lower forty-eight states - and continues north some two hundred miles ending in Yosemite National Park john muir trail data book Dec 11, 2020 Posted By Andrew Neiderman Media TEXT ID 62517afd Online PDF Ebook Epub Library John Muir Trail Data Book INTRODUCTION : #1 John Muir Trail ~~ PDF John Muir Trail Data Book ~~ Uploaded By Andrew Neiderman, john muir trail data book mileages campsites resupply data and essential trail information for th Resupply. Most JMT hikers require several resupplies to complete the trail. Resupply points are easiest along the northern half of the trail. The first common resupply point is Red's Meadow Resort and Campground, which is located around 20 miles south of Tuolomne Meadows. A benefit of resupplying at Red's is that you can make a visit to the Mulehouse Cafe for a nice, hot meal Hiking the John Muir Trail (JMT) has been my dream for few years and this year I decided to go for it! Our first preference was to go southbound (SOBO), from Happy Isles (Yosemite) to Mt. Whitney. However, after 21 days of permit denial, we decided to go Northbound (NOBO) from Horseshoe Meado

Resupply Buckets This is a specialty service for the John Muir Trail. We send resupplies packaged in 5 gallon buckets for locations calling for this extra packaging requirement Subject: [BackpackingLight] John Muir Trail: Resupply and Exit points Hi all, I'm preparing for an early September thru-hike of the JMT and would like to canvass opinions on the most convenient resupply locations (with mileage markers, if possible), as well as popular exit points along the way, in case I decide to call the hike. Details: 1

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Concern: Local businesses that provide resupply services, the John Muir Trail communities, and many others have expressed concern for loss of business and experience if resupply was not allowed. Solution: Leadership on the Inyo National Forest wants to be responsive to our communities and the experiences that people seek in the Sierra Nevada Apr 20, 2016 - Click here for an excellent guide to planning the John Muir Trail: links to permits, maps, resupply information and guides. Thanks for supporting PCTA Dropping from Cathedral Lakes, the trail reaches highway 120 (Tioga Pass Road) where you will once again encounter civilization in the form of a Visitor's Center, store, post office, grill, and campground at Tuolumne Meadows. This is the first opportunity for a resupply point on the John Muir Trail The John Muir Trail is a 210 mile uninterrupted wilderness trail through the High Sierra backcountry. In July-August 2010, Rob and I hiked the entire trail in three weeks. We began in Yosemite Valley and finished at the top of Mt Whitney. One of the few non-essential items I carried with me was a small notebook and pen

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John Muir Trail Resupply Well folks, in two weeks time, I'll be in Yosemite National Park picking up my hiking permit!! I know I'm getting ahead of myself but I'm getting super excited with every passing minute So in a way, we have Covid-19 to thank for bringing us together and making this trip happen, and it turned out to be a wonderful experience with a great trail family. 16 days, almost 210 miles, and almost 38,000 feet of elevation gain, we spent hiking the John Muir Trail from Onion Valley to Happy Isles from August 8 to August 23, 2020 Jon Krakauer, Into the Wild. Perhaps some people think that a couple of 65 year old people hiking the John Muir Trail are out of their mind, and if not successful, would criticize all of the decisions that were made, just like many critics of Chris McCandless in the book Into the Wild

The John Muir Trail's 220 miles are the prize of the Sierra Nevada and many say of the whole PCT. It's not surprising given that there isn't a wasted moment from when the trail rises above the calamity of Yosemite Valley till topping out on Mt. Whitney and descending down the 99 switchbacks to Whitney Portal That meant that my first resupply was 125 miles in, and I was carrying a lot more food than I wanted to. By the time I reached camp, I was wiped out. I went to bed early and slept a full 12 hours, which almost never happens when I'm on trail. Day one on the John Muir Trail was pretty tough. Day 2 - Rock Creek to Tyndall Creek (Mile 29

This is the 2nd of 3 planned section hikes to hike the entire John Muir Trail.. Read the trip report for Part 1.. Overview. Over 6 days in early August of 2020, my dad and I hiked a total of 83 miles as part 2 of our 3-section effort to hike the entire John Muir Trail Our John Muir Trail hike is supported with multiple food drops, professional and personable mountain guides, private shuttles, top-notch logistics and gourmet backcountry food that have all become a hallmark of California Alpine Guides backpacking trips

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Guided John Muir Trail Trip. High Sierra backpacking on the JMT from Yosemite to Mt Whitney. Starting from Yosemite Valley and ending on Mt Whitney, this classic Sierra backpacking trip takes you through the most amazing parts of the High Sierra as you travel with your guide John Muir Trail Map. The map displayed here is an overview of the John Muir Trail from Yosemite Valley to Mt. Whitney. To view section maps showing greater detail, click on any of 9 rectangles on the overview map. Or to view the 9 maps sequentially, click on the Map 1 arrow at the top of the page Commence John Muir Trail at Cottonwood; hike to Crabtree Meadow. To further assist in acclimation, we start off slowly and ease into the hiking with a short first day of about 8km and 400m altitude gain taking us to camp at Chicken Springs Lake John Muir Trail Hike. 2,167 likes · 1 talking about this. A group of twitter friends decided to hike the JMT in 2013 . since then we continue to update this page with information on backpacking and..

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